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Fatty 4 Eyes

My Name's Mike... I'm a middle-aged father of three who has let himself go over the last few years... The image to the right is me at around 95kg (15 st) My goal at the time was 88kg (14 st).

Ive decided to build this site to Monitor and track my weight and try and keep myself honest with my dieting.

Here are some things which you can find on my blog/site

  1. Frequent Blog posts

    This is the area of my site where I will be talking about my week as a whole with other things mixed in like products i have used along the way.

  2. Meal / Exercise Submissions

    The important part of my site. An area to keep a diary of my weight loss by writing down my training sessions and also what i have eaten each day of the week.

  3. A bit of humour

    I want my site to be a funny weight loss journey for everyone to come to, have a read and a laugh at my expense. Who knows people may even get the motivation to join me in a healthier lifestyle.