A little about me

A Fat Middle aged man, turning himself around! This is going to be a quick about me page... where i talk about where i started, how i got here and what im doing for the future. All whilst having a laugh and poking fun at myself in the process!

How did it get to this...
When I was a kid I had a crazy good metabolism, I could eat stupid amounts of food and never gain any unhealthy weight. That lasted until I was about 21

01. I got married
My wife will kill me for this but marriage definitely played a part in me putting weight on... my wife is incredible and im purely content with life. She is an incredible cook and loves to make amazing dishes all the time... Night or day (more than once she has finished cooking something at 1am for us to eat....

02. I stopped Training
Although I have never been what most people would refer to as a "Gym head" I would train twice a week to keep my Cardio up and gain a little strength. I noticed my cardio drop within weeks but done nothing about it...

03. Beer... Lots & Lots of beer
The main reason I have gained so much weight over the years is I started drinking beer more frequently as in 3 or 4 times a week instead of just 3 or 4 times a month... I would sink 3 or 4 pints easy in one sitting which was around 1,152 calories... nearly half my calorie intake for a day.

How am I going to sort it out How do I go from being 111.13kg (17.5 st) to the weight I want to.... which is 88.9kg (14 st).. By making some drastic changes in my life in the way that I Eat, Drink and Exercise

01. Join a Gym
For starters I need to get back to a gym and actually use it. I will need to make time for myself in the morning to go and workout. Both cardio and Strength will be my aim.

02. Monitor my food intake
I hated when people used to talk about Calorie counting blah blah blah.... now i need to do it in order to make sure i have a calorie deficit each day to stimulate the weight loss.

03. Cut out my beloved beer.
Cut out beer.... Those who know me will understand this is a hard one for me... I love a pint! I'm not going to completely stop but im going to switch from Beer to something like Vodka so i can still have a drink... just not beer. I will have an occasional Beer but nothing on the level i currently do.