Published: 31st July 2023

My Weight Loss Journey - One Step at a Time!

Hey there, fellow readers! Welcome back to my weight loss escapades. I must say, July has been quite the ride! I decided...



Hey there, fellow readers! Welcome back to my weight loss escapades. I must say, July has been quite the ride! I decided to embark on a journey to shed some pounds, and I'm thrilled to share my progress with you all. So grab a snack (healthy, of course!) and let's dive in!

Weight Loss Update: From 111.1kg to 107kg!

Drumroll, please! At the beginning of July, I weighed a whopping 111.1 kilograms. Yes, you read that right. But hey, we all have to start somewhere, right? And here's the exciting part - I've officially dropped down to 107 kilograms! Woohoo! Okay, I know it's not a jaw-dropping transformation, but hey, I haven't gone full-on diet mode yet, and my love for the occasional sip of beer is still going strong (8 pints the last 2 weekends :S ).

The truth is, I've had some slip-ups, and that's okay! The key is to celebrate every small victory, no matter how trivial they may seem. So, here's to the first bit of weight lost - cheers with a glass of water! Raises glass.

My Trusty Sidekick: The Apple Watch

Ah, let me introduce you to my trusty workout buddy - my Apple Watch! If you've been following my weight loss journey, you already know about the ball of fur that accompanies me on my walks - none other than my beloved companion, Milo! My wife knew just the perfect gift to support my quest for a healthier lifestyle, and she surprised me with this amazing birthday present.

Milo is not just a pet; he's an essential part of my life. His wagging tail and infectious energy make our walks an absolute delight. However, let me tell you, keeping up with his brisk strides can sometimes feel like chasing after a cheetah! That little guy has some serious zest for life.

With my Apple Watch strapped securely to my wrist, I'm now able to keep up with Milo's enthusiasm and ensure we get the most out of our walks. It's like having a personal coach and a furry motivator rolled into one. The watch tracks our steps, monitors our progress, and gives me that extra push I need to stay on track with my fitness goals.

Honestly, I think Milo is secretly enjoying this whole fitness journey as much as I am. I can almost hear him saying, "Come on, human! Let's hit that step target and earn some treats!" And who am I to resist those pleading puppy eyes?

So, with Milo by my side and my Apple Watch as our trusty guide, our walks have become more than just exercise - they're bonding adventures filled with laughter, love, and occasional mischiefs. Together, we're taking strides towards a healthier, happier life, and I couldn't ask for a better companion on this journey.

If you ever see us around the neighbourhood, don't forget to wave hello to the dynamic duo - the human on a mission and the furry ball of joy, both fuelled by determination and the desire to embrace life to the fullest!

Website Update: The Admin Side of Things

You know, weight loss isn't just about shedding pounds; it's also about embracing your passions and sharing your journey with the world. That's why I've been hard at work on the admin side of my weight loss website. It might not be as exhilarating as reaching a new step milestone, but it's a big deal to me!

I've been tinkering away, adding more exciting features and functionalities to the website.

Front End Pages: Coming Soon!

Oh yes, the fun doesn't stop there! Soon, you'll get to see the magical transformation of my weight loss website from a work-in-progress to a masterpiece in the making. Front end pages are in the works, and trust me when I say, it'll be worth the wait!

This isn't your typical weight loss blog; it's an adventure filled with laughter and camaraderie between a girl and her furry sidekick. Together, we're journeying into a world of health, happiness, and humour. So, keep your eyes peeled because the grand reveal is coming up soon!

Wrapping Up

Well, there you have it, folks - my weight loss journey in all its imperfect glory! From shedding a few pounds to walking alongside Milo with my trusty Apple Watch, it's been quite the adventure. And as I continue my quest for a healthier lifestyle, I promise to keep the laughter and fun alive, no matter how many challenges come my way.

So, if you find yourself facing a similar journey, remember this - every step counts, every small achievement deserves applause, and every setback is just another opportunity to bounce back stronger!

Until next time, keep smiling, keep laughing, and keep moving forward - one step at a time!