Published: 29th August 2023

My Hilarious Snackcident: Losing Control at Elif Turkish Restaurant

I've been dedicatedly counting calories, saying no to temptation, and embracing a life of cucumber sticks and carrot mun...


Hey there, fellow snack enthusiasts! So, picture this: I've been on a mission to shed those pesky pounds and achieve a healthier version of myself. I've been dedicatedly counting calories, saying no to temptation, and embracing a life of cucumber sticks and carrot munching. And you know what? It was going surprisingly well... until it wasn't.

Let me take you on a journey through my recent "snackcident" – a snack accident of epic proportions that took place at the enchanting Elif Turkish Restaurant. Grab your popcorn – or in my case, my cucumber slices – and prepare to chuckle at my momentary lapse in snack sanity.

The Prelude: A Journey of Success

Before we delve into the snackocalypse, let me give you a glimpse into my heroic journey so far. It all began in July when I declared war on those extra kilos. Armed with determination and a calorie counting app, I embarked on a mission that was as ambitious as it was snack-deprived. For weeks, I resisted the siren call of chocolate, avoided the allure of ice cream, and turned a blind eye to pizza's puppy dog eyes. The result? A triumphant loss of nearly 11 and a half kilos!

Retail Therapy and Turkish Delights

Flash forward to last weekend – a family getaway for some much-needed "retail therapy," or so my wife calls it. We found ourselves in the vibrant city of Liverpool, where the streets seemed paved with discounts and dreams. Amid the shopping extravaganza, we discovered a gem that would unknowingly lead to my snackcident: Elif Turkish Restaurant.

Now, let me set the scene. Elif's reputation preceded it – incredible food and portions that defy the laws of culinary physics. So there we were, seated at a table that might as well have been a feast runway. Plates of kebabs, falafel, hummus, and a parade of other delectable delights marched their way to our table. And the portions? Let's just say, even my calorie counting app had a minor meltdown.

A Visual Aid: The Portion-Plate Collision

For your amusement (and my confession), I present to you Exhibit A: the portion-plate collision. Picture me, eyes wide with a mix of awe and terror, facing down a plate that was practically a map of the Turkish culinary landscape. There were so many colours, flavours, and textures that I momentarily forgot the difference between my calorie limit and a bottomless pit.

In fact, the plate was so immense that it could have easily doubled as a small family picnic area. Mountains of succulent meats, rivers of hummus, and valleys of pita bread beckoned to me like the legends of old. I swear I heard a minstrel somewhere in the distance singing tales of epic snacking.

The Snackcident: A Tale of Tasteful Overindulgence

Now, dear readers, comes the heart of the story – the moment when my snack-starved self met its match. As I indulged in the mouth-watering symphony before me, I was no longer a calorie-counting champion. I was a warrior of flavour, a conqueror of cuisines, and a true devotee of the snackiverse.

I nibbled on kebabs like they were ambrosia, I scooped hummus with the intensity of a squirrel storing nuts for winter, and I declared a personal ceasefire on carb counting. And you know what? It felt glorious.

The Aftermath: Back on Track with a Side of Regret

Alas, all good things – especially those involving enormous Turkish feasts – must come to an end. As I sit here, reflecting on my epic snackcident, I find myself back in the realm of calorie counting. My cucumber slices and carrot sticks stare at me reproachfully, as if to say, "We were there for you, man!"

But fear not, for this isn't a tale of defeat. It's a tale of embracing life's delicious detours and finding humour in our snack-related mishaps. Sure, my calorie count might have skyrocketed that day, and yes, I might not see that steady scale drop this week, but you know what? It was worth every bite.

So here's to snackcidents, here's to culinary adventures, and here's to the delicious chaos that reminds us that life – much like that plate at Elif – is meant to be savoured, one bite at a time. And hey, I might have lost a battle with the menu, but the war on those kilos? It's still on. Stay tuned, snack enthusiasts, for the next chapter in the Chronicles of Caloric Control!

And there you have it, my snack-loving comrades, my tale of triumph, temptation, and tasteful overindulgence. Until next time, keep snacking sensibly, keep embracing the snackcidents, and most importantly, keep the humour alive in every bite of life's unexpected treats.