Published: 3rd September 2023

Breaking Up with Calorie Counting: A kind-of Farewell

I hope this announcement finds you in good health and high spirits, preferably with a plate of your favourite indulgence...


Hey there, fellow fitness enthusiasts and food lovers!

I hope this announcement finds you in good health and high spirits, preferably with a plate of your favourite indulgence nearby. I've got some news to share, and no, it's not about some ground breaking new diet plan or a miraculous fitness gadget that will guarantee six-pack abs overnight. Instead, it's about a decision I've made to put an end to an era on my website – the era of calorie counting.

Now, before you panic and start hoarding calorie counting calculators, let's have a chuckle together about why this decision was made.

Calorie Counting: The Love-Hate Relationship

Oh, calorie counting, we've had our moments, haven't we? The endless food scale measurements, the meticulous tracking of every bite, and let's not forget those panicked restaurant moments when you try to sneakily look up the calories while your date is busy ordering a deliciously sinful dessert. It's like being in a complicated relationship with numbers, and let's be honest – it's not always a match made in culinary heaven.

The iPhone Chronicles

Now, you might be wondering why I'm waving goodbye to this age-old tradition. Well, it all started with my trusty iPhone and the MyFitnessPal. It hit me like a ton of low-calorie bricks: why am I double-dipping in the data entry department? I mean, my iPhone is already doing the heavy lifting, counting calories, and keeping tabs on my daily food intake. So, why not let it shine and simplify my life a tad?

Automation Dreams

But, fear not, my dear readers, this breakup might not be forever. In fact, it's more of a "let's take a break" situation. I've applied for access to the MyFitnessPal API, which would allow me to automate a daily meal update on the website. Imagine the magic of having my daily food intake effortlessly displayed on my site, as if by a culinary fairy godmother!

Once I get my hands on that API (fingers crossed!), we can reunite with calorie counting – but in a whole new, automated way that will make our foodie hearts sing. Until then, let's embrace a more carefree approach to health and nutrition.