Published: 27th July 2023

Adventures in the Skies and Paws

Hello there, fellow fitness enthusiasts and walking aficionados! Today, I want to share with you the amusing and calorie...


Hello there, fellow fitness enthusiasts and walking aficionados! Today, I want to share with you the amusing and calorie-burning adventures I've been having while incorporating walking and drone flying into my weight loss journey. Let's dive into the world of walking for weight loss with my trusty companion, Milo, and my not-so-trusty flying sidekick, the Mavic Pro drone!

Meet Milo, my four-legged exercise buddy who's always up for a walk. With boundless energy and a love for exploration, we've covered countless miles together, and our go-to route is the "Mochdre Circuit." This scenic 8.5-kilometer path is not only a treat for the eyes but also a fantastic way to shed those extra pounds.

Now, let's talk about my secret weapon - the Mavic Pro drone. This nifty gadget has become an integral part of my walks, enhancing my weight loss journey like never before. Capturing breath taking aerial views and perspectives of the beautiful landscape, it adds a whole new dimension to my outdoor workouts. However, I must admit, Milo wasn't thrilled at first.

One eventful day, I decided to launch the drone mid-walk to document our progress and motivate myself on this weight loss adventure. Milo, ever the protector, saw it as a strange, buzzing intruder and went into "guard dog" mode, trying to chase it away. It was quite the comical scene, and needless to say, my first drone-flying attempt wasn't as smooth as I had hoped. The photo below "was" the leg.

Since then, Milo has remained sceptical about the drone, but he's a true trooper when it comes to our walks. Sniffing out new scents, staying active, and spending quality time together keeps him motivated, even if he's not fond of my airborne companion.

As for me, I've learned to be sneaky with my drone-flying endeavours, ensuring it doesn't disturb Milo's walking serenity. I make it a fun challenge to launch the drone without alerting him too much, like a stealthy weight loss agent. And when it's up in the sky, I get to witness the world from a unique perspective, which adds an element of excitement to our walks.

The beauty of the landscape, the fresh air, and the endorphins from walking contribute to a positive mindset throughout our journey. Walking for weight loss has never been so enjoyable! The drone acts as a motivational tool, capturing our progress and encouraging me to keep pushing forward.

So, dear reader, our weight loss escapades continue. Milo and I embark on our Mochdre Circuit, burning calories and sharing laughs along the way. If you ever spot us - a determined human with a spirited dog and a drone flying overhead - don't worry; it's just our recipe for fitness and fun.

Remember, the path to weight loss doesn't have to be dull; it can be an adventure filled with laughter and unexpected moments. Embrace the joy of walking, explore new perspectives, and make memories with your loyal companions - both human and canine!

Here's to your health, happiness, and many more weight loss escapades on foot! Happy walking! Enjoy this short clip :)