Published: 11th August 2023

Sipping to Success: My Tryst with the AirUp Bottle!

Hey there, fellow calorie-conscious comrades and beverage enthusiasts! So, picture this: last week, I managed to turn my...


Hey there, fellow calorie-conscious comrades and beverage enthusiasts! So, picture this: last week, I managed to turn my diet into a 'die-it' by indulging in more calories through beer than I should have. I know, I know, it was like I had a personal mission to sabotage my fitness goals. But fear not, dear readers, for I have emerged from the wreckage of last week's beer-binge with a newfound determination to explore alternative drink options that won't make my calorie count cry. And that's where the AirUp Bottle waltzed into my life, flaunting its calorie-free, flavour-infused charm!

Let's talk packaging, shall we? Opening the AirUp Bottle Starter Kit felt like unboxing a slice of the future – and I'm not exaggerating! It's like Apple's style decided to take a detour and join the refreshing beverage party. Clean lines, minimalist design, and pull strips that made my inner child squeal with joy – all these elements came together to make the unboxing experience feel like a posh magic trick. Abracadabra, hydration style!

Now, let's address the real game-changer: the free mouthpiece they sent me to test drive for a whole week. It's like they handed me the key to a secret flavour kingdom. For seven glorious days, I became a flavour adventurer, sipping my way through Peach Juice heaven. But here's the kicker – it's not like gulping down a fresh cup of peach juice; instead, it's more like a whimsical, cordial-infused journey. The flavour isn't in-your-face potent, but it's there, subtly dancing on your taste buds. A bit odd, but hey, so is discovering a new talent for accidentally singing in the shower.

Now, onto the musings that my brain conjured up while sipping from the AirUp Bottle. First things first, I adore this bottle. Sure, it's not your budget-friendly corner store plastic, but let's be real – my weekend beer expenses could single-handedly fund a small island nation. So, I'd say the £30 for the starter kit is a smart investment in my taste bud's future. Plus, this is a calorie-free zone we're talking about!

The verdict? If you're on a quest for a calorie-free, flavour-packed alternative to the usual suspects like cordial and, ahem, beer, then the AirUp Bottle is your knight in shining armour. It's like upgrading your beverage game to the deluxe edition without risking a 'calorie-catastrophe' cheat day.

And here's a little tip for my fellow explorers on this flavourful journey: if you're itching to take the plunge into the world of AirUp, you can snag a small discount for both of us by using this link: 10% off AirUp Because, let's be real, sharing is caring, and sharing a good deal is practically heroic.

So there you have it, my adventurous comrades! The AirUp Bottle – a quirky, calorie-free, flavour-infused companion that's just as stylish as your weekend party shoes. Here's to a new era of hydration that won't be causing your fitness goals to cringe in the corner. Cheers to flavour without the fuss! 🥂